A great addition to my tablet

LOVE IT. I'm still using my IPad 2 that is 3 years old so when I have to  upgrade to the Apple Air I can still use my Futur-e- Stick. Very handy & easy  to assemble Perfect for any tablet.
                                                                                Joan A. Carollo

iPad Air2 "on-a-stick" YES!!

I've had two iPads over past 4 years. I've always fumbled with postioning -- especially laying in bed and tossing around while web surfing, watching videos. This tablet holder is fabulous! I've taken it off my iPad one time. No more. I regard it as part of my iPad. I show it off to my friends and it's always in use. Who wants to live in a flat-world? It's crazy that it's not in the Apple Store as a prime accessory. Tim Cook should buy the patent. Highest rating.
                                                                              Mike in California

It's a stick, it's a stand and it's an extra hand!

I have had my Futur-e-stick for two weeks and I don't know how I ever did without it. I am a quilter and watch many of my quilting shows on my iPad while I am at my sewing machine. I have tried every stand and they either vibrate off, get knocked off, close up at the best part of the show. Frustration personified! I have tried the stick many different ways and they all seem to work. The best one is between my knees while I am binding my quilt. I can see my video and sew at the same time. What a joy! It works almost everyway I need it to do, At first I was hesitant about taking my case off and using it naked it is so much lighter and I have not dropped it even once. I am in love with this little stick. You will love it too!
                                                                                            Amy G.

I love it, makes it so easy to hold on ...

So helpful! I love it, makes it so easy to hold on and it sits on any surface. Thank you!

                                                                                          Rose Brown Sorensen

Five Stars and very useful on the road too!

Love it! Very convenient. Makes the tablet easier to use. This is the best thing for holding an IPad especially if you have arthritis! Would definitely recommend this. I've just traveled with my Futur-e-Stick. I got lots of good comments on it at the Airports and on the plane. Love it!
                                                                                      Cari Heisner

Kids Approved !!!

It is a great product for the entire family. My kids loves the product : easy to handle and very sturdy , easy to clean and you can bring it anywhere you go. It is great gift for anyone that has a tablet. This is mommy and kids tested & approved tablet holder. It is a must!!!
                                                                                   Mai Thi Pham

Versatile and ergonomic!

The Futur-e-Stick makes reading in bed (or anywhere!) so much more comfortable! It comes in a very nice case, which is great for storage when not in use. It is very easy to assemble with your tablet. I like that I can leave my tablet in the case it's in, and still use this item! Having the charging capability is very handy as most charging cords are not long enough to reach from the bed to the outlet, so this way I don't have to worry about it! This would be a great gift for anyone that has a tablet, I highly recommend it!

                                                                                  Nicola Phillips

A Pleasant Surprise!

Received it as a gift and I didn't know how much I was going to use it. Finally, it's mounted to my iPad permanently now!

I like the way it feels when reading for an extended period of time which I do a lot on my tablet and it looks surprisingly good too. The aspect of it that pleases me the most though is the fact that I can charge the battery as I'm using it. That way even when the battery gets low, I get to finish up my work or chapter without having to worry about the tablet turning off.

Definitely recommend it for anyone who likes to relax with their tablet in their couch or bed. Good gift idea too because the box it comes in looks very good.

                                                                                   Frank Cloutier

Great product!

I use it more than I expected!
It holds the device very well.
If you search for a practical gift, that's it.
                                                                                         P. Lemay

Love this Tablet Holder

Love this Tablet Holder. Its very comfortable to hold the I pad, great when I want to take Pictures or just to stand it on the counter when I'm cooking. The price was also good.
                                                                                  Annette Morse

Overcomes the headaches I get when using a tablet!!

I actually got this product as a gift since I'm always complaining about getting tired holding my Samsung tablet. I didn't know what to expect but this was really a pleasant surprise!

Not sure what to really say but wanted to help out others that may be having the same difficulties. Basically, I use the tablet in my lap a lot or while sitting at a desk. Its hard trying to put it up at an angle. Only way to do that is to stack some books, but I got a tablet so I don't have to get books! It holds very well. I haven't take it off my tablet for a few weeks and its' still solid. When I used to hold a tablet with one hand, it was getting tired and my wrists and hands would hurt. That doesn't happen anymore.

I also like the fact that I can lay it down on my thigh and it angles upwards. It also looks like its a part of the product because it doesn't look out of place when its attached to my tablet. The design is nice.

I'd definitely recommend it to anyone that gets tired holding their tablet, or even their phone. If you like to rest it on a table, it can let you angle it up to get a better hands free view of your screen. I'm going to return the favor and pass on the gift by purchasing a couple more for some other friends. Hope this review helps others like you. Thanks.

                                                                                      Jasper Sidhu

Love it!

Ive had mine for about two weeks now, and would not trade it for anything. GREAT product!!!!!
                                                                                       Alan Welsh

Awesome product and the video is great

I love mine and this video is perfect, no people necessary, this video shows what it is/does very well!!
                                                                             Cathy Jo Hodgson

So convenient

I am a senior citizen and I am sure it will really help me and I would recommend it to anyone,sure beats trying to hold and I Pad,even an Air gets heavy after a while.... On a scale of one to ten it is a ten !!! Thank you !!!
                                                                                   Joyce Fleming

Meets all my tablet holding needs

I love my iPad. Looks like a better alternative to the many stands and cases out there and the charging, well right on with that too.

                                                                     Pamela Lawson-Bagley

Two is better than one!

I bought one for my wife and one for me. We use them on our iPad mini's. I have the Life Proof case. Her's is naked. We both love the Futur-e-Stick! I've been looking for stands for along time and these are just about perfect!

                                                                                  Jon D. Krueger


Fast Free Shipping and the product comes in a nice gift box.

                                                                                Adam Antonetti


Love it! Works great.
                                                                                 Susan H. Eaker