The Coolest Tablet Holder

Universal - Ergonomic - Comfortable

The Futur-e-Stick has been designed to fit any brand of tablet. The special shape of the handle allows you to hold your tablet in the most ergonomic way giving you total comfort in any position.

Use it in your hand while sitting in your relaxing chair or couch, in your bed or as a tabletop stand on a desk, table or kitchen counter or when traveling around.

You'll find it very convenient and practical anytime you want to use your tablet.

Sticks to Any Brand - Any Size - Any Material

What makes the Futur-e-Stick stand out of the crowd is its support pad which allows it to stick to any device.

This revolutionary material is always sticky and leaves no residue to the device it sticks to and as opposed to many tablet holders on the market, there's nothing to fix on your tablet. Just push the sticky pad against the back side of your tablet and you're good to go!

Removing it is as easy. You just hold your tablet or e-reader and gently pull-off the Futur-e-Stick using one of the two curved-shape grips.

A special plastic film is also provided for protecting the sticky pad from dust while not using it.

If you're wondering if the pad will always stick after months of use, don't worry. All you have to do is to wash it with water and a drop of liquid soap, dry it up using your hairdryer and this very special substance will instantly regain its original stickiness. It's that easy!

Adjustable to Any Viewing Angle


The real and incredible user experience starts right after having placed your tablet on the sticky pad.

When used in the hand mode, you can ajust the viewing angle to any position you want. You can also set the resistance of movement to whatever you want using the tightening ring underneath.

Just position your tablet as you wish and it will stay there. You change position, just reposition it and it will stay there. You can also lock it by tightening the ring more. It's convenient, fast and easy.

After using the Futur-e-Stick for a while, you won't be able to live with it anymore. 

In Your Hands or as a Tabletop Stand

Forget about the need of another stand for tabletop. The Futur-e-Stick is so versatile the you can use it for all you tabletop needs; on a desk or a table for reading your morning news while having breakfast, read an electronic book, look at your emails and surf the net or on your kitchen counter to look at your favourite recipes.

Just untighten the ring underneath the support pad, set it to the angle you want and tighten it back so it remains in your desired position. All of that in a matter of a few seconds.

Wondering if your tablet will slide back when using the touchscreen? We got you covered. We've added and anti-slip ring on the bottom part of the Futur-e-Stick so you can enter whatever you want on the screen without having to hold your tablet with your other hand. It will stay there and not move back.

Rechargeable and Removable         Power Bank

We've used the space inside the handle to fit an optional USB Power Bank. This is not an ordinary and standard USB charger.

As you may be aware, most tablets require a minimum input current for triggering the recharging function. That's why many people have a hard time recharging their tablet using something else than the USB wall charger they got with their device.

Chargers the size of that of the Futur-e-Stick give only a 0.5 to 1.0 Amp output. That's not enough for tablets as most of them require over 1 amp to start charging.

We've desinged ours to provide a full 1.5 Amp output so it can not only recharge tablets and e-readers but also any other USB compatible devices like phones, cameras, GPS, video cameras and the likes.

Being that small and powerful has the big advantage of allowing you to carry it around or always have it ready if used within the handle of the Futur-e-Stick.

You don't even have any cable to purchase. You just use the one that came with your device and we provide the cable needed for recharging the USB Power Bank which connects to your wall charger that also came with your tablet, e-reader or other USB compatible device.

That's an option that most people take advantage of. Again, easy and very convenient.

Foldable and Easy to Carry

Being such a great companion, we've made it so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

We've shaped the tightening ring in such a way that you can fold it and put it in your luggage, your attache case or even in your inside coat pocket

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