Is there anything I have to assemble when I get the Futur-e-Stick?

The Futur-e-Stick comes in a box in 2 parts. The only thing you have to do is attaching the support pad to the handle by screwing the tightening ring on the bottom of the support pad. It only takes a few seconds and you can start using the Futur-e-Stick right away

Will it really stick to any material or device?

The support pad is made of a revolutionary polymer that will stick to any material or device. That's the reason behind the Futur-e-Stick being the only real universal tablet holder on the market

When you say “Always Sticky”, will it really stick forever?

It will stick for years. The only thing you have to do if it becomes a little less sticky after months of use is to wash it with regular tap water and a drop of liquid soap. That will remove the dust that might have accumulated on the surface.You then just use a regular hairdryer for about 20 seconds to dry the water and it regains its original stickiness.

Is the sticky pad affected by dust and will it dry out when left in open air?

Being a sticky surface, it sure won't help if you leave it to open air and dust when not using it. That's why we're providing a thin plastic film that you just put on the support pad when you're not using it. This also prevents dust from accumulating on the sticky pad.

Is there anything to attach to the device for it to work?

No, unlike most other tablet holder, you don't need to attach anything permanently to your device. Just remove the plastic protective film and stick it directly on your device. Your tablet will remain as when it was new after removing the Futur-e-Stick and it won't leave any residue on the back of your tablet either.

Since the support pad sticks to my tablet, is it hard to separate it when I want to take it off?

You notice that it will stick very well to your tablet and hold it securely. It is also very easy to remove. Just use the 2 curved shape ends of the support pad in one hand and gently pull-off the tablet from the sticky pad with your other hand as it will very easily come out from your tablet's back.

Is there any kind of residue left on the back of my tablet or e-reader after I remove the Futur-e-Stick?

The special silicone sticky pad will leaves absolutely no residue on the back of your tablet after pulling it off. Your tablet will look brand new as if you would never have used the Futur-e-Stick.

I have a lipstick USB power bank but it won’t trigger the charge on my tablet, how come your USB power bank does?

The reason is that the USB lipstick power banks have a low output current in the range of 500 mA to sometimes 800 mA. Tablets on the market have pretty powerful batteries so you can use your tablet for hours before needing to recharge them. Those kinds of battery packs require over 1 Amp (1000 mA) to trigger their recharging function.

That's why the lipstick USB chargers on the market can't recharge tablets. That's the same reason why people notice they can't use their USB ports on their computers for recharging their tablet. Computers having USB 3.0 can but most USB 2.0 ports don't have sufficient output current for triggering the recgarging function of tablets.

The USB power bank of the Futur-e-Stick is different. We had it specifically designed so that it could trigger the recharge function of any tablet. It does so because of its 1.5 Amp output current capacity.

Will it fully recharge my tablet?

You see all kinds of false informations and misconceptions out there. Some people claim that a small lipstick USB charger will fully recharge a tablet. There's nothing further from the truth. Most lipstick chargers on the market have a total power capacity in the range of 2200 mAh to 2600 mAh. This can be viewed as the total power available for recharging another device before those lipstick chargers need to be recharged. Battery packs for the different tablet brands range between 10,000 mAh and 14,000 mAh.

That's basically the amount of energy they need for fully recharging from 0. All of this means is that, for instance, if you take all the power available in a 2500 mAh lipstick charger for recharging a tablet with a 10,000 mAh battery pack when fully discharged, you'll bring the charge up to 25% on the tablet. The Futur-e-Stick USB charger that fits into the handle delivers 3000 mAh. So ours, even if more powerful than everything on the market, will not fully recharge a tablet either.

The big advantage is that it will trigger the minimum input current required by any tablet and allow an average of 25 to 30% time extension for your tablet when working on it or allow an extra 25% to 30% power if just plainly recharging which is more than enough to allow the user to finish up the work, finish watching a movie or any other punctual need.

The removable function also allows you to carry the Futur-e-Stick power bank around and use it for recharging any other USB compatible devices like your phone, camera, GPS etc. It's normally good for recharging your phone twice from 0 before needing to be recharged. Don't worry for the number of time the Futur-e-Stick power bank can be recharged as it can take between 800 to 1000 recharges in its usable life!!

How do I recharge the Futur-e-Stick USB power bank?

All of your USB compatible devices come with their own wall chargers. You just use the same charger for recharging the Futur-e-Stick USB power bank using the provided cable when you purchase it. You just plug the regular USB end of that cable into your wall charger and the other end into the Futur-e-Stick power bank and let it recharge. You can notice it's fully charged when the light change from red to green.

How many times can I recharge the USB power bank?

The Futur-e-Stick power bank can be recharged between 800 and 1000 times. If you recharge it twice a week, you'll be good for over 9.5 years!

Do I need special cables to recharge my devices?

No, you don't need any special cables for recharging your device with the Futur-e-Stick power bank. You use the exact same USB cable you got with your device wall charger. Instead of plugging the regular USB connector in your wall charger, you just plug it in the USB output of the Futur-e-Stick power bank.

You say the support pad has an adjustable resistance of movement to any viewing angle, how does that really work?

There's a tightening ring underneath the support pad. You just turn that tightening ring clockwise to increase the resistance of movement or counterclockwise to decrease it. When you have it at the resistance you like, the resistance will remain the same and you can move your tablet in any position and it will stay in that position.

When using the Futur-e-Stick tablet holder as a tabletop stand, you just turn the tightening ring fully clockwise and that will lock the support pad to any viewing position you want.

Will the movement mechanism wear out?

No, that mechanism will never wear out. It's made out of a special silicone material which has been specifically designed to fit with the round shape of the knuckle with which it is in contact. No need for lubrication or cleaning either, it is good forever.

When using the Futur-e-Stick as a tabletop stand, will it move backwards when entering commands on the touchscreen?

The Futur-e-Stick will not move back when used as a tabletop stand because of the soft anti-slip rubber ring at its base. The ring acts as a grip when in contact with the surface it's on, no matter what that surface is, so you can enter your commands on the touchscreen without your tablet moving back.

If I’m using the portable USB charger for recharging another device and want to use the Futur-e-Stick as a tabletop stand, how can I be sure it won’t slip on the surface since the bottom anti-slip rubber ring is part of the portable USB charger?

We're providing an extra bottom cap with a rubber ring which is included with each Futur-e-Stick ordered with the USB charger. When the Futur-e-Stick USB charger is removed for recharging another of your device, you just screw that bottom cap on and use the Futur-e-Stick exactly as you would with the USB charger in.

I’m left handed, will I feel the same comfort holding my tablet?

No matter in which hand you're holding the Futur-e-Stick, it has been ergonomically designed in such a way that it's perfectly comfortable using your right or left hand. Actually, experience tells us that most users will switch hands depending of their position when using their tablet for periods of more than 20 minutes.

I’m living in an area where the temperature sometimes goes down to -30°C (-22°F) will it still stick at those very low temperatures if I want to use it in my car for instance?

The sticky pad will stick at low temperatures but we advise being cautious at those kinds of temperatures. Many tablets are not ideally made to be used in those extreme temperatures either. The best thing to do is to wait until the car starts warming up and then begin using your tablet with the Futur-e-Stick. We conducted a test by putting the sticky pad in a home freezer for 1 week  at -18°C (0°F). When we took it out, it was still soft and just a little bit less sticky than in normal temperature but still holding our tablet for normal usage.

Is there anything I should be careful about when using the Futur-e-Stick?

The Futur-e-Stick has been designed and tested to securely hold your tablet for any normal usage you may have. The stickiness of the pad has been selected in such a way to also be able to easily remove it from your tablet. It will perform all of its functions perfectly.

Just use it in reference to your needs and you'll have no problems. We would say that the only thing to be careful about will be that when you start using the Futur-e-Stick, you'll love it so much that you won't be able to do without it anymore.   :)