About Us

Tablet are used for more and more tasks like browsing the internet, checking our Facebook account, reading and sending emails, reading, watching movies, storing recipes, playing games and loads of other things.

We're no different and after months of discomfort while holding a tablet and having no overall solution to the problem of holding it in our hands as well as on a tabletop, we came out with a product addressing both issues.

We've designed a tablet holder that fits with any current or future brands of any size and made of any material. The Futur-e-Stick is the Coolest Tablet Holder on the market today. It even has a removable USB power bank that sits in the handle which can recharge any tablet as well as any other USB compatible devices.

It gives you total comfort no matter in what position you're using it as the support pad can be adjusted to any viewing angle. You can also use it on any tabletop, desk or kitchen counter for reading your morning newspaper, typing freely on a wireless keyboard or having a look at your recipes while cooking.

We solved our problem and then noticed that lots of other tablet users were having the exact same concerns. That's why we went ahead and created the Futur-e-Stick and brought the Coolest Tablet Holder on the market.